Who is Selling?

“They don’t know how valuable I am. All this business, what they are doing, is because of my hard work and market relation. If I will leave the organization then they will not be able to do any business in that area. I brought them to this level from zero business.” My colleague was very anguish when coming out from his Boss’s cabin. He was not rewarded the way he was expecting.

His past records suggest that he was indeed a hardworking and an effective salesperson. He gave a boost to the business in his assigned territory. In my opinion, he was an asset to the organization. He was expecting rewards from the organization, which is really a normal thing. A performing candidate can ask for the reward. But management found him over demanding. Probably his demand was crossing the limitation of management or maybe management had measured his performance on a different parameter. But it ended with the dissatisfaction of the person and triggered him for a job change mode. Of course, it is bit immature, if you make a permanent decision on temporary setbacks, but he decided to pursue his career out of the organization and was damn sure that the business in his territory will see a new low which will make the management understand his value. For me, it was more like a revenge drama, which is really not a professional thing.

So he left and new person joined within a month. For next 6 month sales seen a dip of 4-5% and then came back to normal level. I was assuming the new salesperson to be very smart and hardworking.

Soon I got an opportunity to discuss this matter with his boss. His stand was a bit surprising to me. According to him “the brand image makes its products saleable and a salesperson just acts as a coordinator between the company, client and the channel partner.” To some extent, I agree with him. When a brand is very big then it contributes a lot in product’s saleability. Examples can be seen in B2B dealing MNCs. The salesperson cannot go to a client directly and sales are more dependent on the brand image. However the case, we are discussing, wasn’t of B2B even though terming a Sales Person as coordinator wasn’t okay in my opinion.

Brand or Salesperson

If the only brand makes it saleable then why salespersons are required. And if I believe my ex-colleague who was saying that he made the market, then why sales figures retained its value without seeing any major dip once he left. Who is selling?

It appears to be a very simple question and most of the experienced persons will be saying that it is a mutual thing. But the irony is that understanding and inheriting this fundamental is not very common in individuals as well as in organizations (better to say, Managers). An organization loses many good employees by ignoring their contribution to the growth and at the same time, many good employees become negative by being over demanding in the illusion of self-appraisal.

The solution is in being more practical from both sides. Judge an employee on the basis of KPA (Key Performance Area) assigned. If any organization is not able to set right KPA then they are at the fault and not the employee. KPA need to be set as per expectation from the position, the employee holds. For employees, they need to judge themselves in the line of value addition. Your big numbers may not be the reflection of your high performance. Always remember the employment is a mutual need and so is the result.

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