KYC: Know Your Competition

Have you ever done KYC for your sales aspect? KYC is “Know Your Competition” and yes, as taken most popularly, it is also read as “Know Your Client.” Knowing your client is the first step towards being serious about any sales aspect. And ‘knowing your competition’ is the biggest turning point of all the sales […]



Our new NSM (National Sales Manager) had sent an email to all front liner salesperson “please prepare your data in excel sheet and not in power point slides.” Those days I used to be among front liner. For almost every front liner, it was tough to make a presentation on excel sheet. We were habitual […]


Month End Closing – a salesperson story

Month-end, although happens every month, is a judgemental time for any salesperson. Most of the companies are having a culture of month end closing. It is the time which defines the final performance of the month. An interesting fact is that the last week of the month has more than 60% of monthly invoicing. In […]

Conflict between Sales and SCM (Supply Chain Management)

A conflict between Sales and SCM (Supply Chain Management) is so common that almost every sales and SCM person can correlate themselves with this issue. While Salespersons use to complain about (much) delayed delivery time which make their commitments fail, SCM staff quotes over-commitment of Salespersons.  What is the real (possible) story behind this? We […]

Who is Selling?

“They don’t know how valuable I am. All this business, what they are doing, is because of my hard work and market relation. If I will leave the organization then they will not be able to do any business in that area. I brought them to this level from zero business.” My colleague was very […]

I will not sell comb to Bald.

In the beginning of my career, which was obviously in sales domain, I went through many trainings to enhance my sales skills. Be a fresher or experienced, these sales trainings are extremely important as sales is a continuous learning and everyday changing. The concept and approach in sales change with time and every salesperson should […]

I am a Salesman since my childhood.

Sales skill is having one unique thing. This skill is present in everyone, yeah every individual. Knowingly or unknowingly everyone uses this. The word “Sales” has changed its perception over the period, and it is getting grey shades nowadays. People usually think that a person who can lie or create a hype is a salesman. […]