Survey to track job in small companies | Government to start mega survey from 1st April

Government is all set to start a mega-survey to track job in small enterprises. The focus will be on covering the organisation with less than 10 employees and aren’t covered under social security net. All MSME (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises) will be covered.

The survey will be complimenting existing QES (Quarterly Employment Survey), which is in existence from April 2016.

The Government will have a fresh data on employment backed up by records to flash before the general election in 2019. Narendra Modi led BJP government has been criticised negatively for not creating jobs.

QES ( Quarterly Employment Survey) is surveying organisations with 10 or more employees. It excludes organisations with employee count less than 10. Mostly in unorganised sector, but add major counts in terms of employment.

7th Quarterly Employment Survey highlights

Labour Bureau has been conducting the Quarterly Employment Survey (New Series) since April 2016 with the objective of measuring the relative change in employment situation over successive quarters in a sizeable segment of Non-farm Industrial economy covering 8 major sectors viz. Manufacturing, Construction, Trade, Transport, Education, Health, Accommodation & Restaurants and IT/BPO.  Establishments having 10 or more workers are covered in this survey. These 8 sectors constitute around 81% of the total employment of units with 10 or more workers (Organized sector) in the Sixth Economic Census (6th EC).

The results of the current, Seventh QES Report, once again reveal that there was an overall robust positive change of 1.36 lakh workers over the previous quarter i.e. 1st Oct 2017 over 1st July 2017, across 8 sectors at all India level. The annual change in employment for the seventh round of QES over the corresponding period of the preceding year (i.e. 01 Oct 2017 over 1st Oct 2016) reflects an increase of 2.5%. The sectoral break up revealed that there were positive changes in 7 out of 8 sectors viz. Manufacturing Sector (+89 thousand), Education Sector (+21 thousand), Transport Sector (+20 thousand), Trade Sector (+14 thousand), Health Sector (+11 thousand), Accommodation & Restaurant Sector (+2 thousand), IT/BPO Sector (+1 thousand) and only a small negative change in one sector viz. Construction Sector (-22 thousand) over last Quarter. Within construction, this negative change is attributed to the construction of buildings and building completion and finishing. This may be due to seasonal activities as well as festivities.

Out of the total estimated change in Employment of 1.36 lakh, Female workers accounted for a change of (+) 74 thousand and Male workers accounted for a change of (+) 62 thousand. The number of Regular workers also marked a significant positive change of 65 thousand followed by a positive change of 44 thousand and 23 thousand in Contract and Casual workers respectively.

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