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Your resume may get rejected. Know why!

A resume is the first document which reaches to the recruiter. It creates your impression much before you present yourself. You will get interview call or not is very much dependent on your resume. A recruiter doesn’t get much time to analyze resume so consider only which are scrutinized. Most of the resume is getting rejected while scrutiny only. It takes only 10-20 seconds to scrutinize the resume and if your resume fails to convey about you or not able to make a match with the requirement in the mentioned time then it is most likely to get rejected. Have you got your resume rejected? Know the possible reason.

Too descriptive resume

Out of 10 at least 4 resumes are having this issue. Resumes are too descriptive and appear like an article. Reading which may require few minutes and sometimes to understand same will take a long time. No one is there to read your story. They need to make a match as per their requirement and if your resume fails to do so in 10-20 seconds then it will be rejected. Using sophisticated grammar and writing paragraphs are very negative. You are supposed to explain every point during the interview and your resume should carry only highlights. So make your resume crisp and clear.

Lack of keywords

This is a very common problem. During scrutiny, keywords play a major role. Keywords like Team Management, B2B Sales, Profitability etc are essentials to be used. The keywords depend on the area of expertise of candidate and requirement of the recruiter. Your keywords increase chances that your resume will be reviewed by the recruiter and you will get an interview call.

Non-Directional Words

In some cases, candidates use some special words to increase the weight of their resume but end with a non-directional word which just confuses the scrutinizer. For example, someone marked this statement in bold and placed in key achievements “Delta P was made +4 which was improved from -3.” It may be a highlighting point for a candidate for Top Management (that too in few cases only) but a mid or junior level management candidate has no relevance to this. Instead, they can use keyword “Profitability”.  Else either the statement will be ignored or scrutinizer will get confused. In both the cases, it goes negative.

Not mentioning current job profile

In some cases, it is seen that candidates highlights job achievement only and not detailing the job profile. We discussed this with few candidates and as per them “My designation tells my job profile.” We may have some more good reasons for this if we enquire from more people but still not mention job profile is not good. You just need to mention your role, designation, location and brief job profile. It is very important. Of course, you also need to mention your achievement but that need to be much briefer and preferably pointwise.

Format of resume

Does the format of resume may lead to rejection? Yes, it does. A very common reason for rejection of resume at junior management level opening is the format. Many uses format of Bio-Data (or sometimes it is really a Bio-Data) for an application which appears so naïve that it is not being considered. Resume and Bio-data are two different things and to be chosen in case type. Also, some candidates places work experience, educational experience, training done and personal information in a totally haphazard way. Your resume should appear well organized.

Mismatch of skill set

You may think that it could be the first point on the list. Actually, we took an assumption that candidate is applying after reading the job description. But sad to say, there are many immature candidates who just apply without even knowing the skill set required. They just increase the count of resume which in turn increases the problems of Scrutinizer. Their resume is nothing but a digital waste.  It is highly recommendable to apply for the job where your skill set is similar to the requirement.

There are many other factors too which are industry specific. This is why it is asked to take help of professional while making a resume.

We, SimplyVedant is very soon going to launch a free counseling for resume making. Just keep tuned to us.

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