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“Promotion” is something which is in wish-list of every professional. Promotion is an acknowledgment of an employee’s contribution to the growth of the organization which is a clear reflection of his/her capabilities. Not only the upgradation in designation but handsome monetary benefits are involved in the process. There are many other benefits which readers know very well and will require many paragraphs to elaborate that. Employees do many odd things in pursuit of Promotion. Performance alone is not enough. There are many other factors depending on that company’s HR policy. Here we mention a few.

Performance is most important

First and most important thing is performance. If you aren’t performing well then you shouldn’t think of promotion. But there are few misconceptions as well which need to be understood.

  1. Spike in performance will result in the promotion: One big success cannot justify your overall low performance. In a big project or case, there are many stakeholders and you cannot claim full credit. However, this will make your impression of being a potential employee who can do better but doesn’t make you eligible for promotion. Performance should be consistent.
  2. If the team performs well, my performance is positive: To some extent it is correct. But management watches your individual contribution as well. So if you do well at an individual level then the team performance will support your case.
  3. Only Number matters: Especially for sales employees, performance is often misunderstood with invoicing number only. Performance is conclusive output in terms of quantity and quality of sales.

It is Boss’s choice

Those days are over when your Boss used to write your professional story. Most of the companies have adopted a well-designed HR policy and individual’s appraisal is dependent on many KPIs (Key Performance Index) which is reviewed by immediate superior (your Boss), Next Superior (your Boss’s Boss) and HR person. So it is no more dependent on a single person. But at the same time, your Boss is the most important person in this chain who will initiate this process, so it is good if you share a good relationship with him/her. Otherwise, make a good reputation in front of next superior.

Term of service

It is very important that how much time you have spent in the organization. To get promotion in the very first year is a matter of outstanding performance or a really good luck. Normally hiring is done with salary and position appreciation of the candidate so it takes some time to consider them for promotion even if their overall performance is decent.

Last promotion date

Getting promotion every year is nothing but a wonderful dream. Even a top-rated performer struggles to achieve that. For an organization where a proper system has been adopted, they need to make equal opportunity for all and only in very extraordinary conditions the promotion is repeated in continuous years.

Promotion Counts

If the company did well and most of the employees did their part, then too only selective gets the promotion. Top management has made some counts of heads for the promotion based on their human resource strategies and that will be increased by a bit if the company do well. But still, it will be countable. It is similar to the case when you are not able to do good in a year and company doesn’t fire you but retain you to give chances of improvement. So if you do good then too sometimes you don’t get promotion as there are few who performed better than you. In the case, you are kept in top consideration for next year.

Your educational qualification

Even after many years of service, the ghost of studies hunts. You will be scaled up according to your educational qualification, and this method is adopted by many companies. This is why many good employees keep upgrading their education level through an executive program or correspondence course. This keeps their chances open to reach the top level.

Reference from outsiders won’t help much.

In case of salespeople, sometimes they think that their market partner’s positive feedback will help you in getting the promotion. Sometimes their feedback goes positive and sometimes it turns negative as well. Your team and superiors are working closely with you and you will be evaluated on basis of internal processes (unless your role suggests otherwise).

These were the few vital points which need to understand while pursuing the promotion. But for an extraordinary employee, these rules will not be a burden.


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