No E-Waybill is required for consignment worth below INR 50K | GST

  • From April 1, the interstate e-waybill will be mandatory
  • e-waybill portal crashed on 1st Feb when it was first implemented.
  • 13 states to start intrastate waybill in February only, the deadline for all states is 1st June

GST (Goods & Service Tax) Council had its 26th meeting on 11th March. They made a rule of e-waybill generation for interstate movement of goods. No e-waybill is required for consignment worth below 50K. Goods valuing more than INR 50K will need to carry a valid e-waybill.

April 1, will be an important day for GST Council as e-waybill will be made mandatory for interstate movement. After failed attempt in February’18, this will be a challenge for the Government.

After making the e-waybill system mandatory, no consignment without a valid e-waybill will be permitted. If the consignment is not moved within the validity of the e0waybill, then the transporter may extend the validity by updating details on GST portal.

The rule will be applicable for both kind of transporter, be it government or private.

In case of movement of goods on account of job-work, the council directed that the registered job worker can also generate the e-way bill, while the consignor can authorise the transporter, courier agency, and e-commerce operator to fill PART-A of the e-way bill on his behalf.

For Intra-State movement, the e-waybill is mandatory to start latest by June 1. 13 States have already started or about to start intrastate e-waybill. For the movement up to 50KM only part A will be mandatory.

How will it impact?

The purpose of e-waybill is to reduce tax evasion. To make it simple, the consignment once checked by a tax officer, won’t be rechecked again. This will be stopping without invoice movement of goods.

Despite the all good intention, a small business owner will face troubles in initial days. The issue is with the understanding of the system and technical know-how. The system gets complex with too many new provision.

If the system will again crash then it will be a nightmare for all the traders.

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