I am not from IIT and I still can dream

Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) is the most reputed name among all technical institution of India. The craze of being part of this is so high that even some students start preparing right from 9th class for the entrance exams. This gave birth to many Coaching Companies. The coaching industry in India is now multi-million dollar business. Out of lakhs of students, only few hundred get admission in IIT and after 4 years of the tough process, they become an IITian.

We are not analyzing education system or calculating big bucks of the coaching companies, but we are detailing the value of an IITian. Almost all student who have cleared IIT JEE, have invested a huge time in study to gather knowledge. And after spending 4 tough years of rigorous study when the step in the professional world,  then all the big companies welcome them with open arms. Few of the IITians dare to start their own business, which is now termed as start-up. They get some easy (comparatively) funding as well. An investor invests majorly on skills, determination, and background of the individual than only focusing on a unique idea. Maybe process is not that easy what I am assuming but for sure they get the big advantage of their past records.

Now we will talk about a person who spent hardly 2 hours in the study (daily on average) which is very low compared to a student who prepares for IIT ( I assume study hours of 10-14 Hours a day). But this kinda person is having enough time to experiment with their knowledge. They use to get admission in normal engineering college and ranks probably above average. Their experiments with their knowledge and surroundings go on. After completion of education, most of them follow the tradition of joining a job. Unlike IITian they struggle to get a job which increases their experience quotient. And when after few years of front line and mid-management level jobs when they think that they have got proper exposure, and want to start something of their own, which is nowadays being called START-UP, then the biggest challenge is funding. And before funding, it is the rejection from their own family and friends ( maybe because of fear of no job) is the biggest point to be demotivated. They try hard, really hard. Only very few get an investor. Only the lucky ones.

So what was wrong?

Why an IITian gets easy funding ( comparatively) and non-IITian need to struggle a lot. Don’t they deserve to dream big?

The answer is probably the product, yeah the product. An IITian himself is a product and backed with IIT brand, of course, they have earned it from hard labor in past. And in the other case, there is no product but just a thought. They aren’t a product or brand, actually, they never earned that. They learned a lot and may be much more practical with any other competition, but an investor can not experiment with each individual, who claim themselves to be worthy.

So, If you are trying to go for a start-up then don’t start your thinking from getting funding but start working on the product. Make a product and prove it’s worth, which will create your brand value and for sure it will appeal investors. And to make all this first trust yourself. Don’t get trapped by other’s thinking but trust your own skill.

I remember that one of my friend who had made a unique concept of making available electrician, architects, carpenter etc on app/web. It was the year 2011. Much before of urban clap or any similar app. Indeed a great idea (for that time). He started working on it and made it too but his whole planning of execution was dependent on Funding, where he failed miserably as he had made an unrecognized product with no branding. He carried it till 2014 end and then broke-up. But when “Urban Clap” was hit ( in terms of popularity), he was just regretting. It was big learning from a mistake. But even if he would be running it, I don’t think that it would have made any difference. The platform, which was much needed, was missing and that was funding.

Now when I see so many Start-ups, initiated by non-IITians and still getting enough attention,  then I can say Dreaming Big is not limited to IITian. B


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