I am a Salesman since my childhood.

Sales skill is having one unique thing. This skill is present in everyone, yeah every individual. Knowingly or unknowingly everyone uses this. The word “Sales” has changed its perception over the period, and it is getting grey shades nowadays. People usually think that a person who can lie or create a hype is a salesman.

But actually, it is not true. Telling truths in a convincing way is “sales”. We all do this thing in our daily life. But only few can do this thing with a stranger and they are called Salesman.

In my first assignment, I had an opportunity to be a mentor of a newly joined Sales Executive. After few days of joining, he was bit frustrated and we discussed that. I will mention that discussion here :

“Sir, I feel I have made a wrong decision by choosing Sales as a career. I thought it was the best way to use technical skills and improve personality by public relations. But here I came to see that everyone is running just after Numbers. In front of Channel Partner and customers, we show our different personality. There is always another person most of the time in front of them. I always think of myself as a different person. It’s really not me sir. Every emotion and action is fake here.” He was annoyed. Those were the words of a young engineer who inherits ideological things more than a practical thing. I just wanted to welcome him in this practical world.

“Dear friend, I will not say that you are wrong. You are right but views are different. Let me explain you the reality. First, forget sales, I will take the example of a normal happening. You might have gone through this in your teenage but if not then imagine a condition when you just entered in teenage and you are demanding a Bike from your parents. I guess this is a normal thing and most teens need a two-wheeler in this age. Isn’t it?” I was to get him in the discussion.

“Yes, It is, but this is a different topic. I am asking about Sales & Figures and you are talking about teenage & Bike.” He was bit impatient.

“No Dear, I am still on topic. I just want to show a practical application of sales where you are not a salesman. Ok, so assume that condition. And your parents feel that you don’t need it at all. You can manage with your old bicycle. In that condition how do you convince them?” I asked.

“I will try to put all possible reason for demanding a new Bike and will try to convince with future benefits like saving time, more study hours etc.” He answered.

“But what if they are still not convinced?” I continued.

He thought for a second and then replied “In my case, I took help of my Grandfather. I convinced him on the emotional ground and then He did the needful talk with my Dad to bring a new Bike for me. That really has happened to me.” He smiled on remembering his old memory.

“That is sales. You had decided your target first and that was your BIKE. Then you went to your DAD who was the real authority to approve your request. You told real reasons and tried to convince him best but when that did not work out then you went to an influencer and there you took the support of your emotion and finally after putting pressure on your Dad you achieved your target. In our sales life too, we decide our target and that is an assigned NUMBER which we need to achieve every month. To achieve that Target we try to find the right person who has authority to buy, in our case that is called a customer. We try our best with all technicalities and we try to prove the superiority of our product like we do for Bike over Bicycle or other undesired models of Bike. Few understand the points and buy from us and for those who don’t understand, we use other factors like influencers and emotions. This is not FAKE but a tact which is build up over relation we have made in the market. So You were doing sales at your teenager when you were not in this profession. Not only this at every stage of life and for many small things you do same. Being an engineer helps you to convince your customer on quality of product and that is always the first idea you use everywhere.” After completing words I felt he had realized the similarity.

“Hmm, that means every person is having sales skills or we can say a hidden sales acumen inside him.” He laughed.

Yes, every person is having sales skills but only few can use them to make the career. In my case, I think “I am a salesman since my childhood.”


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