HR and Candidate: Issue of communication Gap.


Job search is not an easy task, in fact, job search itself is an unpaid job. There are many candidates, those are badly looking for a job opportunity. They contact or get contacted by several HR firms, and company HRs for an interview, but most of the time they end with no response post interview. There is a serious issue of a communication gap which keeps candidates in dark.

I have personally experienced this issue in past. Till the time I appeared for an interview, the HR person was totally engaged and once the interview was over, I had no response from them for long. If I could not get a call in next 4-5 days, then I used to assume that I got rejected. It also happened that after many days I got the call for next round.

This is really very irritating for candidates who have sent their resume or appeared in the interview but could not get any response. HR persons, use to keep silence. What is the actual issue? Shouldn’t they at least revert with a status update to the candidate?

Major reasons for “No Response”

  1. Communicating a rejection is not easy: It is really tough to communicate a rejection as it is followed by many cross questions. Candidate takes it very personally and emotionally most of the time. Sometimes they panic over the matter. Handling them becomes very awkward. Rejection may be because of many reasons, but candidates aren’t ready to accept the fault. However few candidates take it positively, but there are many negative candidates.
  2. No response from the interviewer: In very usual case, the interviewer fails to provide his/her final verdict and this makes the HR person’s condition false. The interviewer may be either busy or waiting for few more candidates to reach to a final conclusion, but practically it consumes many days which make the candidate impatient. However, it is the responsibility of HR person to get the response at earliest, but they become helpless if the interviewer is a senior person and not concluding things in stipulated time. HR firms suffer a lot for this.
  3. Position on Hold: In one of the common reason is that the open position is put on hold for various reasons. The hold may be for long period or for short period, followed by some amendments in requirement or sometime it may be even canceled. HR person can’t do much about this. It is the call of the management and the interviewer.
  4. Too many candidates to respond: HR Consultant or Company’s HR person asks many candidates to send their resume. Most of the resume get rejected in the first scrutiny by Interviewer. The HR person communicates to the selected candidates only for the next round. They avoid wasting time in responding to each rejected candidate. Sometimes it is because of the reason mentioned in point ‘a’ and sometimes because they are really busy.
  5. ‘I don’t care’ attitude: In very unusual case, the HR person really don’t care to respond. They never feel responding to a candidate is a basic thing. Only Data making and resume bank creation is their aim. We often find resume request on a social platform like LinkedIn. The basic agenda is to create data bank. There may or may not be the real vacancy. Such recruiters really don’t care for to respond to resume submission.

Is it justified to have the communication gap?

No, HR persons may give many excuses but it is really not justified to create this communication gap. Resume of any candidate is having much sensitive information about the candidate. If they have agreed to send their resume to HR person’s request then it is an unsaid responsibility of the HR Person to establish clear communication. Even if the candidate is not shortlisted or rejected, they have full right to know it. If the HR person or Firm, collect resume with misleading information then it is illegal as it voids the privacy of an individual. Candidates also need to be careful while sending resume. They don’t need to apply everywhere in desperate attempts. Most of the social media campaign for resume collections are fake.

How should it be communicated?

  1. By email: it is the best way to communicate the negative message. In this case, HR person need not get engaged in long conversation. They may give a reason for rejection if they wish. It is strongly recommended to give a complete insight of the rejection points if the opening is for a senior position and counts of candidates are less. In other cases, it can be a status update mail. In case, if the current opening is put on hold, the same message should also be communicated.
  2. General message Broadcast: Publishing a general message broadcast stating the completion of process or process on hold, is a good idea. The broadcast can be done by mass emailing or use of social media from where resume was collected.
  3. Communication over the phone: For top management position, it is strongly recommended to communicate the message over the phone. Usually, candidates for a senior position don’t panic on the response.

What they lose if they don’t communicate?

  1. Brand reputation: It makes a negative impact on Brand Image if the candidates don’t get a response. They feel it be an unprofessional approach to the company.
  2. Losing good candidates: The good candidates prefer not to apply again in the same company or through the same channel if they don’t get a response over their past interview.

Candidates also need to be calm while receiving such communications. They need not panic or making too much cross-question. If you are rejected or not shortlisted then there must be some gap. HR Person may not be able to tell you everything. You should appreciate that, they responded with exact status.



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