In pursuit of Promotion | Factors affecting your promotion

“Promotion” is something which is in wish-list of every professional. Promotion is an acknowledgment of an employee’s contribution to the growth of the organization which is a clear reflection of his/her capabilities. Not only the upgradation in designation but handsome monetary benefits are involved in the process. There are many other benefits which readers know […]

Insecure Boss

Yesterday I went to a Birthday party, which was more appearing like a corporate relationship building event. Most of the visitors were from mid and senior management in different domains. There I met a guy who was working in a software company and was handling a technical team. As a typical Indian, I said, “Buddy, […]

Who is Selling?

“They don’t know how valuable I am. All this business, what they are doing, is because of my hard work and market relation. If I will leave the organization then they will not be able to do any business in that area. I brought them to this level from zero business.” My colleague was very […]

I will not sell comb to Bald.

In the beginning of my career, which was obviously in sales domain, I went through many trainings to enhance my sales skills. Be a fresher or experienced, these sales trainings are extremely important as sales is a continuous learning and everyday changing. The concept and approach in sales change with time and every salesperson should […]

I am a Salesman since my childhood.

Sales skill is having one unique thing. This skill is present in everyone, yeah every individual. Knowingly or unknowingly everyone uses this. The word “Sales” has changed its perception over the period, and it is getting grey shades nowadays. People usually think that a person who can lie or create a hype is a salesman. […]

I am not from IIT and I still can dream

Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) is the most reputed name among all technical institution of India. The craze of being part of this is so high that even some students start preparing right from 9th class for the entrance exams. This gave birth to many Coaching Companies. The coaching industry in India is now multi-million […]