Brand, Boss or Salary?

When you search for a job then what is most important to you, Brand, Boss or Salary? Research says that most common answer is “Boss” but actually most common choice “Brand.” Brand, Boss and Salary are the three major parameters which decide your career and professional life. Ignoring any of them, may cost you dearer.

Many great influencers on LinkedIn have said that we should focus more on “Boss” than Brand and Salary. Brigette Hyacinth, a LinkedIn Influencer, has said many times about importance of a good boss. And like her, many other too have made similar suggestions. But candidates, especially in India, prefer Brand over the Boss and sometime over Salary too.

What is Brand?

There is major confusion about the understanding of Brand. Brand never means a populist name, or a big turnover only. Brand is actually mixture of many things like Work Culture, market reputation, internal systems, process handling, work pressure, team work and many other things. For example a chocolate company may be a very popular Name but not necessarily a good brand.

Brand has direct impact on work-life balance and indirect impact on long term carrier goal. A bad brand can lead you to make job change in short period and may demotivate you.

Identifying a good brand is not a tough job. A common market intelligence will do the job. Get feedback from the employees working there. The employee who have left the organization may give you a biased and mostly negative feedback, so get feedback accordingly.

Why Boss is so important?

Practically you don’t choose a boss. It is something which comes to you most of the time. There are only a few cases when a candidate knows about his/her future boss and takes call accordingly. Also taking feedback about the new boss before joining may turn fatal and misleading.

Your boss, if he is nice, then can turn many negatives in positives. And if he is not then, it will be quite painful to handle. He is not only to make your appraisal or promotions but also to coach you and to mentor you. You have to learn many things at each stage of career and your Boss is the first person who will guide you.

If Boss is good then you will get enough room to grow. Even a company with bad brand, turns to be little good if your boss supports.

Salary: Money matters.

Be it good brand or bad brand and your boss is supportive or against, but when you come home, all the problem can be solved by the money you earn. If your earning is not good then even a smiling face with great work-life balance can’t make your life good.

You have a minimum level of salary required to fulfill the need. That level must be fulfilled in order to get a calm mind to do best in your job. There are few things which can be done by money only.


So what is most important? Although all the three are important, you need to be very lucky to have all these. You need to make a priority list to land in a good job. So which one should be your top most focus.

Actually it is totally need dependent. For example we take few cases

  • You are experienced and looking for a long term career: A big brand should be your first priority and then a good boss. Salary may come last. When you are experienced, then the offer will be having salary in positives. Your experience will help you in managing your boss. Also in a long term career, your boss will change. But a big brand will give adequate environment to stay long.
  • You are new and want to grow: A good boss is first priority for you and then a big brand. Salary will again the last point. A good boss will make you learn many thing and will provide space to grow. Brand will help you in getting another opportunity when you will try next
  • You are experienced and want to upscale your earning: Needless to say, salary will be your first priority and then the good brand. But you must take care that up-scaling should be intended to cross the adequate level and should not be a hyper expectation.

There are few recommendations

  • If you are new : never think of salary , just explore the learning opportunities
  • If you are experienced: Identify your critical salary level and never work below that. Otherwise you will be demotivated to perform.
  • Don’t change job for sake of Salary, unless it is really lower than the critical level
  • Maintain a good relation with your boss.
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