Philips LiFi

Philips is the first company to offer LiFi broadband service globally through its LED Light

Philips has now tested the LiFi in a real office and became the first company to offer LiFi Broadband services globally. The technology is being tested at Icade, the French real estate investment company in their Paris based office. However, the current capacity is just 30mbps but this is all set to increase. Philips Lighting, […]


WhatsApp Business : a professional touch to a casual chat. | App Review

The interaction with WhatsApp Business is not limited to WhatsApp Business users only but it can interact with regular WhatsApp users. It allows creating a business profile. It includes details like address, email, website, and uptime. If any user will click on the name it will get all details. What we liked most, is the […]


5 Things not to do at Office | Articles

An office is purely a professional workplace where almost every behavior is well defined. Some are defined rules and some are un-said rules. But our behavior and etiquettes are closely watched along with our professionalism and performance. Offices may differ in working environments but there are certain things which must be taken care. Here are […]


WhatsApp to enter in digital payment market in India | Alarm for all other players

WhatsApp, a Facebook Inc. product, is all set to enter into Digital Payment market in India. This has triggered an alarm to all other major existing players in Digital Payment market. With more than 200 million users in India, it is definitely a big threat to other. Rivals are quoting this as a very negative […]


Month End Closing – a salesperson story | Blog |

Month-end, although happens every month, is a judgemental time for any salesperson. Most of the companies are having a culture of month end closing. It is the time which defines the final performance of the month. An interesting fact is that the last week of the month has more than 60% of monthly invoicing. In […]


No E-Waybill is required for consignment worth below INR 50K | GST

From April 1, the interstate e-waybill will be mandatory e-waybill portal crashed on 1st Feb when it was first implemented. 13 states to start intrastate waybill in February only, the deadline for all states is 1st June GST (Goods & Service Tax) Council had its 26th meeting on 11th March. They made a rule of […]


Snapchat is laying off 120 Engineers

It is third big layoff in recent months of Snap Inc. Quarter ending in December 2017, was the best quarter for Snapchat in terms of user growth. The company is citing reason of not meeting Company-wide goals. Snap Inc. the parent company of popular Photo Sharing app, is laying off more than 120 Engineers. A […]

Bhushan Steel

Tata Steel is the highest bidder | Bhushan Steel takeover

Tata Steel is announced to be the highest bidder for the takeover of Bhushan Steel. In stiff fight with JSW Steel, the all in cash offer of Tata Steel is weighing more than others. On Wednesday it has been declared to be the highest bidder. This will be first large transaction under IBC (Insolvency and […]


TDS SCAM : 447 Companies made scam of ₹ 3200 Crore | Employees will also suffer

Income tax department has unveiled a new scam of more than ₹3200 Crore. Just after few weeks of the multi-billion scam of Punjab National Bank which shook the nation, now there is TDS Scam. TDS (Tax Deducted at Source) wing of Income tax department could notice the wrongdoings of 447 companies, in verification survey carried […]