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A handpicked collection of News, Blog, Article, Thoughts and much more. Made for professionals who go to an office, who thinks of start-up, who own a business, who want to be a mentor. Reaching to Success has no shortcuts but with directions, it is easy to achieve.

SimpltVedant.in is intended to provide right information resources to the professional. Instead of searching for many websites and newspapers, all relevant information, which may concern a professional, is made available here.

“Vedant” is a work created by Swami Vivekanand to make a conclusive literature of all Vedas. “Vedant” denotes the collection of knowledge. Through SimplyVedant, we just wish to collect and share knowledge of the professional world which includes many aspects.

Questions & Answer section is specially made to help each individual. Every professional can help other. And we have a team of expert which will be helping everyone by providing the best possible answers.

How can you contribute?

If you think you can contribute to the website with your literature then you may please mail us on info@simplyvedant.in. Your work will be published with due credit. Needless to say, all the literature submitted should be original and relevant. It will not be a paid service and will be completely voluntary.