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5 things you must not discuss with your boss

An office is a complex place. Everything has a pre-defined rule and many hidden meanings. In such complex world, having a great boss is a matter of luck. You need to be lucky enough to have a manager who listens to you. Typically managers are more focused on getting work done for the organization and upgrading the team, but, they are also human and get influenced by emotion and aggression.

Many subordinates make few common mistakes by assuming that the boss will remain friendly to them always. Sometimes they forget to put a line between what to be shared and what not. Here is the list of few things, which must not be shared with your boss.

  1. Information about colleagues:

Every manager need inside information of the team to have a fair idea of their behavior in personal and professional matters. When you give the information to your boss about your colleagues then probably you are getting trapped. It is good to have a good relationship with the boss but not at the cost of your colleagues, even if you don’t like them. The moment you pass on the information, you prove that you can’t be trusted and your boss is the first person to know it. It backfires for sure, maybe on some bad day.

  1. Your love stories:

“I am not a fool to share my love stories with my boss.” Many persons would be thinking like that but practically most of them have discussed (may be partial). Especially when you are in sales, then off hour parties are common things. In light mood talking about personal things looks comfortable. In other cases also, when you trust your boss too much, then too talking about this is not a big deal. But it may damage you later. It also makes an impression that probably you are not focused on your job and may spend more time (of working hours) in your love stories.

  1. Interviews you are attempting in:

In a private job, appearing in an interview (for job opportunity) is not a surprising thing for any. Even if you are not serious about job change then too you appear. Few of you might have shared this with their bosses, assuming that you are not going to change anyway and your boss treats you like a friend. Sometimes you share to threaten your boss (to get promotion or salary increase). This is a very serious mistake. You prove yourself as an unstable employee. You really don’t know that which opportunity will turn in to exciting offer and you are giving your boss a chance to spoil that. This is not good.

  1. Your Boss’s mistakes:

It is good to give feedback if that is taken positively. But it may not be good sometimes if it flows from junior to senior. If your boss is kind enough and asking for feedbacks then too just give some really important feedback. That too, you need to keep short and sweet. Don’t let it be a discussion topic, even if your boss tries so. Else you will just make your relation sour.

  1. Anything when you are angry with your boss:

Anger can damage you potentially everywhere. It is usual to get angry on the boss (of course in your mind only) for many small things. You must not discuss any matter when you feel excited or under aggression. In a broader sense, you should not sit for any discussion if you are filled with an emotion of any kind.

It is always better to be a silent observer in such cases. You need not talk always. Sometime your silence will reward you with peaceful life.

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