5 things not to do | when you are new in organisation

Got a new Job!! Great. It is really very exciting to get a job offer after a search for few months. It takes lots of planning and efforts to land in a right job. Be a fresher or highly experienced, every candidate have their own struggle in finding right opportunities.

But it is also true that the real nature of new organisation can be seen only after few months. The working culture and work ambiance can be judged only when you become part of this. Although you might have prior information of your role and the company’s working culture, but it takes time to understand an organisation and the people working around you.

Here are 5 things not to do when you are new in organisation.

Opinion making

you meet lots of new persons; few of them are directly linked to your job and few indirectly. Your initial interaction can give you an idea of the person’s behavior but it may not be the true face. Don’t make an opinion about any person in very early stage. Give time to understand the people around you. It may take few months and many interactions.

It is observed that, people appearing very friendly on day first, aren’t really the trust worthy persons. Spending time and working together with the person will give you real idea about the real character of the person. Early opinion making about any colleague will be very harmful.

Being Expert

Problem with expert people are that when they find any incorrect thing in the new system, they tend to correct it. You will always feel that you know it better and the things can be improved. In order to be different and showing your expertise, you intentionally create your enemies in the organisation.

Remember, without you too the system were running properly with all those odds, and there is some reason behind existence of those odds. Don’t be expert and just be an observer. You will have right time to implement your ideas but before that you must understand why it was having those glitches.

Being too curious

It is OK to be curious about your job profile and related aspects.  But it is not good to be too curious for knowing your placing in terms of Salary and Grades. Many new employees use to be concerned about their pay scale and grade. They usually feel that they have not got the right grade or pay scale in comparison to their counterpart in the organisation.

This is to understand that HR had put a thought in making your place and anyways, these are pre-joining things. Your research about the organisation and your position in previous organisation will decide your position in the new organisation. Discussing these things with your new colleagues will just expose your position and will make a wrong impression too. In few cases you will be given negative feedback (which may not be true) about your position and that will lead demotivation. So it is not recommended to discuss about this. If you have any such queries then talk to HR directly.

Comparing with your previous organisation

Every company has its own way of working. It may have many good thing and few bad things. No system can be perfect and this is how it should be. It is very common to compare things with previous organisation for any operational thing or for policy matters. But this will not yield you anything but only negativity.

Your previous organisation might have better travel policy but your current organisation may have some other policy better than your previous organisation. Stay positive about your new organisation because most of the time benefits are visible in long run.

Being aggressive

Here ‘being aggressive’ means a controlled but accelerated action towards your work to get the result at earliest. Other behavioural aggression has no place in any job. But still we recommend you not to be very aggressive towards your work in early days. It will lead you to bypass the channels to get your job done. It may give you some early appreciation but a permanent damage.

Once you have gelled in the system and share good relation with your colleagues then you can afford to be aggressive. Then you will be able to manage the side effects of being aggressive.

The summary of all the five points is very simple, be an observer and then start actions. Remember every big thing starts very slowly to gain top speed and once it reaches to its limits, it travels very fast. Plan for long term and the success will be there. Short term goals should be defined too but that should aim to make you a team player.

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