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An office is purely a professional workplace where almost every behavior is well defined. Some are defined rules and some are un-said rules. But our behavior and etiquettes are closely watched along with our professionalism and performance. Offices may differ in working environments but there are certain things which must be taken care. Here are the 5 things not to do in the workplace.

  1. Adding every colleague and seniors to your social network: With increasing craze of social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc, we tend to add up all the people we know. Sometimes we add all our colleagues and seniors just because we know their name and face. We need to understand that few of social network is meant for only friends and family and few are professional. Everyone cannot be put on your friend network just because you know them by name. It may be very harmful to you. Most of your activities will be known to your seniors and some may turn bad for you. It is highly not recommendable to reveal your personal life and preferences in the professional life. Don’t add your boss and colleagues to your friend network unless you have personal links with them.
  1. Falling in Love: We may have seen few successful love stories at the workplace but falling in love or having an affair is a really bad idea. You must understand the equations at workplace changes very rapidly. If your relationship doesn’t turn into a permanent thing, chances are very less anyway, then you are in deep trouble to face the same person. All the information you revealed during the relationship, may damage you a lot.
  1. An argument with Boss in open area: This is a very common mistake we do. Most of us have a difference of opinion with our boss, and it is very natural. Sometimes discussion turns ugly. It is recommended to keep calm and discuss in a natural tone, raise your point and not your voice. But we lose our patience at few stances and start arguing in loud voice and that too in open area. The moment you do this, it is no more a professional discussion but turns in to a personal rift. Having personal rift with the boss, either may cause difficulties or may lead to the job change. Both the conditions aren’t good. If the same thing happens in the closed area then you may have a chance to sort it out as it is still on the professional table.
  1. Playing Music without earpiece: Few jolly mood employees play music without using earpieces. They may keep volume low but it is still enough to be heard by others. It is really not necessary that if you like music then others also do. Even if they like the music they may have different taste. In this condition, you are seen as a disturbing element. So if you play music then you must use an earpiece.
  1. Backstabbing: We all use to do some amount of backstabbing as it gives a good topic for discussion in the cafeteria. But it is really not okay. As said earlier too, the equation at workplace changes very rapidly and this may cost you relations. Keep a healthy professional relationship with everyone.

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