5 Questions you should ask yourself before Job Change

If you are working in private sector, then it is a matter of big surprise to find a person who has spent whole professional life in a single organization. There are less than 1% of the employed population (in private sector) who never changed job. Sooner or later employee thinks of job change for different reasons. I remember one interesting instance. One of my colleague, who was in his early 50s, was talking a top level person “Sir, I spent my last 27 years in this organization and never went for any other opportunity.” The reply was bit unexpected “Because you never could find a job in other company.” However, I am not sure why the senior guy responded like this, but certainly, the colleague was speechless and shattered.

On the other side, sometimes we see few employees who change job every 6 months or year, just as an opportunity hopper. For them, stability is just a word. Whenever they find an opportunity to scale up the salary or rank, they change jobs.

So here are 5 important questions which you should ask yourself before Job Change.

Q1. Am I getting a justified salary in my current organization?

  • Psychology says, an individual rate himself/herself higher than the real worth. So if you think you deserve more salary then there is nothing odd. But this can’t be considered as a parameter to scale your salary. Check your salary on a scale of industry standards. Salary trends of persons with your experience level and educational background. Most of the time it is industry dependent as well. You may read our article “Am I getting lesser Salary?” to get better insight. If you find yourself on lower side based on this research then the only thing to leave an organization on basis of salary. There are few websites like payscale.com which help candidates to check salary.

Q2. Am I placed rightly in my current organization?

  • Unlike salary, which was to be checked with references set by the outer world, position (designation) is comparative to your colleagues within the organization. Every company is having its own designation level and nomenclature. So check within the company, if your designation is well justified with your experience level and educational background. Please note, your past track record in terms of performance, is a major factor which influences your position. You need to be honest with yourself while analyzing same.

Q3. Am I getting enough opportunity in the current organization to learn and grow?

  • Continuous learning and growing is most important thing for any employee in long term. If any organization is able to provide you this feature, then it a big positive. You current organization and your future organization, both must be evaluated on this platform. Salary and Designation can satisfy your short-term goals, but “Learn & Grow” feature will make you fulfill your career goals.

Q4. How good is my BOSS?

  • There is a common saying, employees never leave the company but the boss. This is true to many extents. Boss (Immediate superior) is one of the biggest reason to change or stay in Job. Sometimes you change job just because of your Boss. But to evaluate this reason, you need to think professionally and not emotionally. It is human tendency to see only negatives of a person if we personally don’t like him/her. So this emotional judgment will not be good.

Q5. Will the new opportunity be able to maintain my brand value?

  • Every individual carries their own brand value which is created on basis of the companies they have worked with, the profiles they have handled and the image in the industry they have. Sometimes in the urge of job change for salary and position, we compromise on this point. Remember, your brand value can yield you many benefits and shouldn’t be compromised for temporary benefits. If you have decided to change job for any reason then it must be adding value to your image. And this needs lots of market research.

Needless to say, job change shouldn’t be an emotional call but a professional call. You will have opportunities with good salary hike and designation up, but a job is not about salary and designation only.


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