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5 Common mistake in interview by an Interviewer

Candidates make mistake in an interview and that is a very common thing, which we can expect. But Interviewer too makes many mistakes in an interview which should be taken care. The mistake of the interviewer can make a wrong selection. Right candidate may lose their interest and wrong candidates can take benefit of this.

So, in this article, we will talk about 5 common mistakes in an interview by an interviewer.

Showing very friendly gesture:

Making candidate comfortable for the interview is one thing and being very friendly is different. If a candidate is from same industry then it is very much possible that the interviewer and the candidate have some common points of discussion. In some cases, they have common friends too. But being very friendly to the candidate will just spoil the purpose of the interview. An interviewer is expected to be kind enough to make a candidate feel comfortable but not to have any personal chit chat.

Talking negatively about the company:

It is really a shocking observation that sometime interviewer talks negatively (Direct or Indirect) about the company or an individual in the company. It might be possible that the interviewer has gone through some bad phase but showing frustration in front of a candidate is indeed a bad idea. Aggression and being ignorant are also the negative attitude.

Talking over the phone:

This is probably the most common mistake. Many interviewers start talking over the phone in front of candidate itself. The discussion over the phone and the pause in interview distracts the candidate and the interviewer a lot. Also if the talk on the phone is lengthy then it doesn’t only show disrespect to the candidate but also shows interviewers disinterest in the interview. The interviewer should not be taking any call during the interview. But if it is very important call then it shouldn’t last long.

Being too descriptive:

This mistake is a bit common among some talkative managers. They explain just too much. In an interview, candidate’s talk to interviewer’s talk ratio should be 90%:10%. Candidates are supposed to talk more and express themselves. But when managers (interviewer) are too descriptive then the candidate is having lesser scope to express. Interviewers are supposed to be very précised about the question.

Language override:

This particular mistake happens mostly in India. Here candidates are usually not very good in English. Either they feel comfortable in the local language or they are slow to understand the English. This language burden has nothing to do with their talent. But there are many interviewers who stick to English (even if they know the local language). After few answers, the candidates lose their confidence and do not perform well. We have found many candidates who are good in written communication but don’t have a good command of verbal communication. Interviewers are supposed to check the talent of the candidate beyond language barrier. And yes, minimum knowledge of the language is required to carry other official works which should be checked.

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