5 Awkward yet relevant Interview Questions

An interview is a very intense process to judge real capabilities and thought process of any candidate. However the duration use to be in Minutes and sometimes in Hours, but the questions are made in such a fashion that it shows the real substance of the candidate even in that short time. Every question is intended to know the certain behavior of the candidate and it all depends on ‘how’ and ‘what’ of the answer to be selected or rejected.

There are few usual questions which turn very awkward for the candidate. Although those are very relevant but put a candidate in uncomfortable situations. Here are 5 awkward yet relevant interview questions:

Why did you choose this career domain?

Survey analysis says only 6-7% candidates gets the career option of their choice, rest follow the rally to get a job. If a software company comes to campus then every student appear in the interview, regardless of their education stream. It is very easy to find a Mechanical Engineer working for a software company. Was it really a choice? No, it was a rally for getting a job.

So, when an interviewer asks this question, it is really awkward for a candidate to explain real reason. Obviously, a candidate will not risk his/her opportunity and will explain how he/she was a best suitable candidate for that career option. But we need to understand, you may be suitable for different career option but all the career options cannot be a choice. Your suitability is decided by other but your choice is made by you.

Why do you want to leave your current job?

However, this is the very relevant question but still very awkward for candidates. Awkward because real reason cannot be told and on faking they may be caught as Interviewer may be aware of candidate’s current company. So most of the candidates talk about the growth and learning opportunities.

Most of the employees (about 90%) go for job change majorly for three reasons Salary, Designation or Boss. Candidates presume that if they mention Salary and Designation in an interview for the reason of the change, then they may appear opportunistic. And if they say Boss as a reason for the change, then it may damage their professional image of a team player and their patience as well. Because of these presumptions, they feel awkward and give a very common answer of growth and learning.

What is your salary expectation?

“How much should I ask?” This is one of the biggest dilemmas during an interview. Candidates jump in very awkward condition if they have not prepared themselves for industry trend and own worth analysis. They know quoting very high expectation will lower the chances of selection. Also presuming that HR guy will further negotiate this, they usually end with 30-40%.

What are your hobbies?

Nowadays this question is not being asked during Interviews as most of the candidates reply with a certain set of answers and make it meaningless. But for the Jobs where creativity matters a lot, this question is very important. Candidates mention very general terms like traveling, reading, music etc. but really they don’t mean it. Normally someone uses to have good knowledge of their hobby if that is really a hobby. But usually, candidates totally fake it. This is very awkward for the candidate who really doesn’t have a good hobby to invest time.

Any question?

Many interviews end up with this last question. The interviewer asks the candidate if they have any question to ask. This is a bit awkward as most of them really don’t know what to ask. Few smart candidates come prepared with a question, but it turns more awkward for them if that is already discussed or answered during the interview.

This is really okay if a candidate doesn’t have any question. Asking unnecessary question is not good, but if there is a question in mind then it should be asked.

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    Lalit Singh

    (December 2, 2017 - 3:46 pm)

    Quite interesting and real facts you have shared. Keep doing the good work.

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